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We have a range of affordable, reliable and high-quality eco friendly extra large, custom & heavy duty pallets in Adelaide.

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Eco Friendly Pallets That Contributes to a Carbon-Neutral Economy.

Churchill Pallets are not only leaders in our industry for our standard and quality of pallets. But we’re also leaders in recycling our timber, wood and pallet waste through reDirect recycling. Allowing us to provide not only a high-quality product, but also a much more sustainable solution to pallet waste. As a result we manufacture that waste into new and used pallets, crates & boxes that are not only strong and durable – but highly reliable for any task you are requiring them for.

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At Churchill Pallets not only do we stock and supply traditional style pallets. But we also supply heavy duty pallets that are incredibly strong and robust – suitable for not only heavy loads but also transportation of heavy goods. They are designed for when you have heavier loads and are suitable for either multiple or single uses. Our pallets are completely customisable to suit any specification or heavy weight, meet international export standards, easy to use with a forklift or adding pallets to a truck. We have heavy duty pallets ready for immediate dispatch and can be if needed customised in sizing and added thicker boards for extra strength.

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Our heavy duty, extra large & custom pallets are 1165*2400m in size and are suitable and perfect for larger scale jobs. We have a lot of clients that use these pallets for pipe work, solar panel transportation and anything else that does not fit on a regular size pallet. Our pallets are suitable for export around Australia and throughout the world. We are able to paint and stencil branding on all pallets and crates and also provide in-house fumigation with a fumigation certificate so it is ready for export.

Heavy Duty Pallets Specifications

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