Heavy Duty Pallets Adelaide. Experts in large, heavy duty & custom pallets.

Heavy Duty pallets are available here at Churchill Pallets. They are incredibly strong and are suitable for heavy transportation of goods. They are designed for when you have heavier loads and are suitable for either multiple or single uses.  

We can customise your Heavy Duty pallets to suit any specification or heavy weight. Here at Churchill Pallets we can specifically brand all wooden pallets and crates. On top of this, we can also paint them in the colour of choice and stencil your brand or name.

Our Heavy Duty pallets provide:

  • Top-quality pallets that meet international export standards
  • Easy forklift or pallet truck
  • Immediate and accessible dispatch
  • Customise sizing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Thicker boards for added strength
  • Suitable for heavy loads – Incredibly strong and long lasting
  • Timber designed

It is important to understand the variety of sizes and styles we have to offer. Our heavy-duty pallets are purposely designed for heavy loads, with safety and strength our upmost concerns.  Our heavy-duty pallets ensure you have cost-effective way of transporting, handling and storing heavy loads.

Here at Churchill Pallets we are here to help and have excellent knowledge in the export industry. Our durable range of heavy-duty pallets ensure safety and efficiency is provided when handling large distributions and heavy storage.

Heavy Duty Pallets Adelaide

Heavy Duty Pallets Adelaide

At Churchill Pallets we have a massive range of extra large & heavy duty pallets in stock. Furthermore, if we do not have it in stock we have the supplies, man power & know how to ensure that we are able to provide heavy duty, extra large & custom pallets for you. The pallets photographed above are 1165*2400m pallets. They are perfect for larger scale jobs. We have a lot of clients that use these pallets for pipe work, solar panel transportation and anything else that does not fit on a regular size pallet.

Our pallets are suitable for export around Australia and throughout the world. We are able to paint and stencil branding on all pallets and crates and also provide in-house fumigation with a fumigation certificate so it is ready for export.