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Churchill Pallets has a range of affordable, reliable and high-quality eco friendly wooden crates & boxes in Adelaide.

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Eco Friendly Pallets That Contributes to a Carbon-Neutral Economy.

Churchill Pallets are not only leaders in our industry for our standard and quality of pallets. But we’re also leaders in recycling our timber, wood and pallet waste through reDirect recycling. Allowing us to provide not only a high-quality product, but also a much more sustainable solution to pallet waste. As a result we manufacture that waste into new and used pallets, crates & boxes that are not only strong and durable – but highly reliable for any task you are requiring them for.

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Here at Churchill Pallets not only are we experts in all things pallets, but we also specialise in both wooden boxes and crates. We use high quality materials to assemble our boxes and crates to ensure they are strong and durable for whatever use you need them for. Our crates and boxes are not only high in quality, durable and can hold large loads. But we are also able to paint them in certain colours, have your brand name stencilled on them and also have an optional lid if desired. We are also able to fumigate and treat your boxes and pallets to ensure it meets nation and international export standards.

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Just like our pallets here at Churchill Pallets we pride ourselves on our high quality standard and custom crates and wooden boxes. They are perfect for not only the local and national market, but also for international export and can be custom designed to your specific needs, specifications and dimensions. We can also partner this with custom stencilling so your branding stands out no matter where you may be. Our crates and boxes can be used for both transportation, storage and handling of fresh fruit and vegetables to maintain fresh quality produce and products. We can also customise specific crates and boxes for all transportation needs of any valuable goods. So no matter if you are after new crates, used crates or repurposed crates you can’t go past Churchill Pallets.

Wooden Crates & Boxes Specifications

Type of Box & Crate Sizing & Dimensions
Standard Crate 1165*1165*600 High 1 Tonne Load Capacity Guide
Odd Size Crates – Ranges in Size 500kgs Load Capacity Guide
Custom Built Crates To Specification

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