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Here at Churchill Pallets we offer pallet collection and pickups for all new and used pallets throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

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Eco Friendly Pallets That Contributes to a Carbon-Neutral Economy.

Churchill Pallets are not only leaders in our industry for our standard and quality of pallets. But we’re also leaders in recycling our timber, wood and pallet waste through reDirect recycling. Allowing us to provide not only a high-quality product, but also a much more sustainable solution to pallet waste. As a result we manufacture that waste into new and used pallets, crates & boxes that are not only strong and durable – but highly reliable for any task you are requiring them for.

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As Adelaide’s leaders in both new and used pallet supplies, we believe that we play an essential role in the sustainability of South Australia’s timber resources. A massive part of our business is the recycling of used pallets, timber and wood to create sustainable and eco-friendly pallets that are repurposed for a new life.

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At Churchill Pallets we have an innovative pallet recycling centre that is dedicated to turning used pallets into reusable hybrid pallets that extend the timber’s lifecycle and as a result save trees for the use of new pallets. We achieve this by offering our pallet collection service that is perfect for picking up and pallets that you may have laying around your home or business, recycling the timber and creating new pallets.

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